Man Scares The Neighbors By Dressing A Drone To Look Like A Ghost And Flying It

In the video below, we can clearly see a Halloween decoration. Whoever who did it must have been a witty guy. He took a remote controlled drone and covered it with the Halloween decoration. Then, he makes the drone fly in the neighborhood, of which people take it to be like a flying ghost.

Even though it is a very good idea, I tend to think that it may be having its disadvantages too. For example, there must be laws as pertaining the flying of drones. Maybe, the law does not allow one to fly drones draped in something else. Also, there can be a possibility that the drone will scare people who don’t really tolerate such. Looking at the clip, the drone is flying on the road, a thing which can easily scare the drivers and in turn cause an accident.

But if I were to be asked to give an opinion, I certainly would have said that it is the best Halloween invention I have ever seen all my life.

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