Man Secretly Record The Rot That Was Going During His Operation. So Sad!

The man in the video below went for an operation thinking that this would be just a normal clinical operation. What he did not know was that he was going to receive insults while he was sedated so that the colonoscopy would go on without any discomfort. While the doctor was giving him instructions on what he should do after the colonoscopy, he decided to take his phone and record the conversation for his own reference. He did not want to miss anything because he thought after being sedated, he might not remember everything.

When he woke up from the operation and went home, he could not believe what he was hearing. After the initial recording, he forgot to turn his phone off. When he went home, he decided to listen to what he had recorded. That is when he heard the doctors and nurses insulting him. He sued the hospital and won, he was awarded $500,000. Do you think that he deserved what the court awarded him?  Watch the video and listen to the doctors make the nasty comment about him and other patients.

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