A Marine Died During The War. What His Dog Did In His Funeral Left Everyone In The Room Crying!

Dogs are the best creatures on earth. They are always faithful and loyal to the owner. A dog loves one more than he loves himself, and this is evident when an intruder comes to your place.

In this video, a soldier dies at the war front and his dog mourns for the death. What a sad thing! Max is a featured video by the classic Marley and Me doggie producers. This film aims to unravel the soldier’s dog journey that does not end when the puppy chases his mother. Instead, the dog’s journey starts at that particular moment.

Max is a trained military dog, and he happens to lose his handler Kyle. This incident happened in Afghanistan. Max is really troubled, and he cannot continue fighting. Kyle’s brother Justin then takes the poor dog. Luckily, Justin is in a position to relate well with the troubled dog since he has his problems too.

We have witnessed military dogs doing great things- they serve to protect our country, and I am sure they can do more than that.

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