McDonald’s Worker Turns Out To Be A Hero By Doing A Heart-Touching Act!

Caleb Martin, a worker at McDonalds, finished his duty an hour earlier during the New Year and headed home. On the way, he saw what seemed to him like a drunk driver swaying down on the Tennessee road. This driver drove directly to a woman who was in the middle of the road. To Caleb’s instincts, the driver’s target was to knock her down. His efforts to attract the driver’s attention failed as he hit the woman sending her to the other side of the guard rail.

Upon noticing the presence of Caleb, the driver fled away. Caleb took the woman to his vehicle while dialing the help line. During this time, he got to understand the tragedy. Jenna, the hit woman, had received two shots by her boyfriend while still in the car. Upon jumping from the car to save her life, her boyfriend took a turn around and knocked her down.

The recorded emergency call to 911 below can be heard how Jenna is persuaded and encouraged that she will overcome it. All the way he kept talking to the correspondent using one hand while putting pressure to her injuries with the other.

He headed straight to his grandparent’s place where he cleaned and wrapped up her wounds while still communicating with 911. At last the rescue team reaches the place and ferried Jenna to hospital where she finally got well. Later they found her boyfriend dead from an injury from a gunshot.

She kept saying that Caleb was the hero that God sent to save her life. When all was in order, he remembered that he had left work before time, making him a hero for doing that.

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