Meet A Grandpa With A Heart Of Gold. What He Does? So Inspiring!

There are those times where a man has to go through what’s considered too much for a single heart to handle. That’s what Roger Leggett went through after the untimely death of his wife. Despite all the pain, he managed to brave it all and inspire those who depended on him and total strangers.

Chad, his son died of a heart attack and a cancerous brain tumor was identified on his granddaughter who was aged 4 years by then. So as to heal his mourning heart, he decided to embark on a project which ended up as an inspiration to the entire world. He started building red wagons that he donated to one Children’s Healthcare within Atlanta.

He had already conceived this idea while his son was alive and Felicity had not gone through brain surgery. It was after he had seen one woman carrying her child with a red wagon and with the IV pole placed behind the wagon that he decided things needed to be done in the right manner. While speaking to USA Today, he said Chad had also given a suggestion on how it could be done.

As we speak, he has been able to work on over 100 red wagons and even come up with one customized for her granddaughter’s needs. When Leggett had finished working on the wagons, his dreams were answered- Felicity’s situation started getting better!

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