Military Dad Sees His Disabled Son Walk Without A Wheelchair, His Reaction? So Touching!

Any military man/woman who is deployed far away has the wish of going back home and spending lovely time with his/her family.

When he was deployed in a far way country, this Marine dad had his son named Michael, of 6 years confined to a wheelchair. Michael suffered from a cerebral palsy, a condition that the doctors said that he will never have the opportunity of walking and performing some activities. But this was not going to hinder the plans of Michael, who finally attained the dream he had wished.

While away, Michael tried all his best to learn how to walk. Little by little he practiced and never lost hope. Finally, he was able to walk without using the wheel chair.

Michael’s family never informed his father of the advancement of Michael’s health, and kept it to be a big surprise when he comes back home.

In the clip below, we can see Michael waiting for his dad. When he appears, Michael walks to him, which leaves his father filled with joy. He could not wait to carry his kid and hug him. This is one of the many clips that portray how determination has proved the doctors wrong.

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