Mom Asked Twins To Draft A Letter To Santa, This Is What One Of Them Wished. So Touching!

As a single mother, Karen Suffern finds it hard to maintain her family since she works at a part time job. This is the reason why she told her two twins of 8 years to draft a letter to Santa.

Since it was September, she planned to start saving for the gifts. She was expecting her kids to make a pair of lists of toys and books, but what Ryan drafted in the letter about his sister left her shocked.

Karen revealed to that Ryan had issued her the letter and told her not to read, but she opened and read what was written, which made her realize something.

In the letter Ryan wrote, he said that he wished for a remote controlled helicopter and a car, but he said he never wanted it. He went on saying that the children at school are bullying Amber, her twin sister, while she hasn’t done nothing to them. He has prayed for them to stop but it seems that God is busy so he needs Santa’s help. He asked Santa in the letter if it was prohibited to issue gifts early.

When Karen read the letter, she became distressed. She too was a victim of bullying back when she was a kid.

When she asked her twins if they had ever bullied anyone or been victims of it, Amber responded that she sometimes yearned to die so that she could be left alone in peace.

When the letter was known in public, Ryan vowed to protect his sister. Karen reported this to the teachers at school who began stopping the bullying.

All never ended there. Watch the clip below to see the unexpected surprise. Please SHARE this touching story with all your friends on Facebook!

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