Mom Carries Her Daughter’s Pregnancy For 37 Weeks. This Left Me Jaw-Dropped!

A couple that desperately wants to have kids but can’t is a sad couple. That’s what happened to these two humans until someone decided to do something cool about it. You won’t believe this!

So Kendra and Aaron got married, and then they wanted to have kids. Sadly, they couldn’t. They grew bitter and sad about it. They tried everything, all the treatments but all in vain. That’s when Kendra’s 52-year-old mom decided to step in. She offered herself to carry their pregnancy!

So Crystal became a surrogate mother – for her daughter. Everything went on fine, the pregnancy was all well. This mom has some real love for her daughter. Imagine copping with hormonal injections on a daily basis and reporting for ultra-sounds every week. And to think she’s 52!

This mom really sacrificed a lot for her daughter’s happiness, and it all paid off. At 37 weeks, Crystal gave birth not to just one kid, but two. Twins! This is very inspiring to all the moms out there. What a sacrifice!

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