Mom Comes Out Fighting After What Happened To Her Lovely Kid. I Support Her!

I’ve been wondering why we aren’t rounding up all the bullies in our neighborhoods and just locking them up. But it turns out that these are mostly kids who have developed a “liking” to causing others pain. However, there’s always a fix for such, and this mom has decided to take it to another level.

Holly Blue is a proud mom of a 9-year-old who has autism. This little kid is nice, but some other bullies in the neighborhood couldn’t see past his autism, so they decided that it’s okay to bully Holly’s innocent son. They would threaten to punch and kick him if he didn’t do what they said. At one point, they even forced him to eat dirt. And worst of all? It happened right in Holly’s backyard!

But this kid is good and truthful to his mom, so he told her all about the bullying. Holly couldn’t sit back and watch her son driving to the edge by some criminal minded little brats. She decided to take matters seriously. She called the police and talked to all the parents in the neighborhood and the teachers at school about the bullying. That made a huge difference!

If you suspect that you kid is a bully or getting bullies, there are some signs you can look out for. Watch this cool video and get the full message. Please SHARE with all on Facebook!

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