Mom Had A Breech Baby, When The Doctor Pressed On Her Belly… OMG!

When couples get pregnant, they normally look forward to having healthy babies. Though that is the case, complications can happen and as a result expecting mothers are advised to visit health facilities on a regular basis. One of the complications is when at full term the baby is breech. That happens when the baby is in a feet-down or bottom-down position as opposed to the usual head-down position within the uterus of the mother.

When the baby is breech, serious risks can be involved during birth. To counter the risks, C-section (cesarean) delivery is recommended by doctors. Since some risks are associated with the cesarean delivery, one of the solutions is the baby being turned by the doctor while in the uterus. Though it sounds easy, it is a difficult process.

Jess Muckleston was 36 weeks pregnant when she discovered she had a breech baby at the Royal Sussex Hospital which is found in Brighton. The doctor decided to turn the baby and opted for external cephalic version (ECV). She was warned that the process was a painful one and she had to say her mind about it.

What followed was a breathtaking moment which was captured in the video below. Please watch and let us know whether you have ever witnessed something similar.

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