Mom wore the same bun hair for 23 years—Epic makeover makes daughter shriek

This is probably one of the best makeovers I’ve seen in a while — the kind where the person getting the makeover is making a significant change in their life.

Meet mom Jan DeVito.

She has had the same haircut for 23 years and can’t remember the last time her family, friends and even husband saw her without makeup.

Ever since she was 16, she has been working in a salon and has had her hair and makeup done all the time. Despite this, she has always ended up looking exactly the same!

She’s often seen in her salon spraying her hair, making sure her signature bun is in place.


Some time ago, Jan’s 23-year-old daughter Gina, sent a letter to the Oprah Winfrey show and told her how she thinks her mother deserves a new look.

Gina mentioned how she would like to see her mom in a more classy and toned down look — minus the bun, which she felt was dated.


The show then hired stylists and beauty experts to change Jan’s look from head to toe and the result was remarkable.

Jan emerges with a fresh, classy and younger look and has her daughter and the whole audience shouting flat out when they see her. They just can’t believe their eyes.


It’s not hard to understand their reactions! Personally, I was completely amazed and inspired by her transformation. Just look at the clip below to see Jan and her makeover for yourself.

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