More Reason To Celebrate Our Marines, This Rightfully Defines Humanity!

For over 240 years, one of the things our country has as a symbol of pride is our Marine Corps. These are men and women who are dedicated in serving us and have shown their bravery and soft spot by making young children happy. Back in 1947, Toys for Tots was started and the clip below was produced by the group. The idea behind its formation was to help the less fortunate kids within the community, and that is why Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR, was thinking about when he formed it. Kids are given toys by the organization.

Given that it has spread all over the country, I believe it is something Hendricks would have looked at today and felt proud about it. With every passing year, more toys are donated and the program keeps on growing. In the clip below, we meet a Marine who is serious with his work until a kid approaches him and inquires whether he happens to be Santa Claus.

What follows is an inspiring moment, which you will love to watch. Please watch the video below and SHARE with all to spread the love!

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