Mother Gets A Big Surprise When Client Steps At The Store. So Touching!

A smart mother of 4 kids by the name Sharon runs Mrs C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, UK. This mom has been faced by several problems in the past year. Her younger brother passed way, her smallest son developed a disintegrating disease, and she also developed ovarian cancer. These numerous medical bills her cupcake business to make losses and spending much time with her children was becoming also a hardship.

A radio DJ from a station called KIIS 1065 by the name Jackie O, made up her mind to give Sharon some help by surprising her. She faked that she was a customer at Sharon’s store who had gone there to protest on some order of cupcakes that was stale. The whole episode was filmed by a hidden camera. Although the protest was made, Sharon’s responses were full of positive attitude and expertise. Later she said that all she wants is the happiness of her customers.

Jackie put a box on Sharon’s counter and told her to taste for herself. Little did Sharon know that the box never contained even a single cupcake but instead it had a surprise for her! Watch how they got over with the issue and don’t forget to SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!


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