Mother Wishes Her Conjoined Twins Good Luck Before Being Taken For Rare Operation!

From the time she was pregnant, it was clear for Christian and Nicole McDonald that they were going to have conjoined twins. The specialist advised them to abort in time but they decided to have them.

This caused them to relocate from Illinois to New York City, so as to be near the Children’s Hospital Montefiore Medical Center located at Bronx, NY.

While there, they happened to meet with Dr. James Goodrich who is a surgeon. He motivated them that there was a possibility of separating the conjoined twins.

Jadon and Anias, the twin boys of 13 months had a conjoined skull. The truth of the matter was that trying to separate them was dangerous because there was a possibility of them dying or having a forever disability.

Multiple surgeries were conducted and for the parents, they left it to God, as they never knew what would be the outcome.

During the operation day, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN was with the parents. What was in the parents heads was if the twins were going to come out of the operation successful.

October 14, 2016, was the fateful day and the operation took 16.5 hours. Later, Nicole was happy her twins were separated successfully.

Commenting on her Facebook, Nicole said that the joined twins were separated, which was a miracle from God. She also thanked the doctors and said that they were anxiously waiting for their kids at home.

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