National Geographic Photographer CAPTURES Something Unbelievable In The Ocean. OMG!

James Balong and his photography team were looking for the best shot for their upcoming documentary. The team was in Greenland gathering images from the Arctic Sea. They were not prepared for the next turn of events.

James Balong never believed in climate change. He thought it was a hoax perpetuated by scientists.

In 2005, James saw the effects of climate change through his camera lenses. James was shooting close-up shots when he clearly saw how climate change affects nature. Ten years later, the photographer shared his findings when the “Chasing Ice” films premiered.

James documented the melting glaciers and compared them to the buildings in Manhattan crumbling and falling simultaneously. It took less than one hour and 15 minutes for the glacier to fall into the ocean.

The historic event shows how devastating the effects of climate change are on planet Earth. It is time we did something to save our planet.

Watch the incredible footage and let us know what you think.

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