Negative Sides Of Social Media Use On The Young Generation! Parents Watch Out!

21-year-old YouTube joker, Coby Persin, is talented in getting people in tight situations. His channel has more than a million subscribers, not forgetting that his videos have over 100 million views. Apart from entertainment purposes, his platform also creates awareness on social matters. Recently he performed an experiment to demonstrate the dangers of the usage of the social media by the young generation. The clip which was uploaded on the 10th of August, has already more than 10 million views.

Before recording, he first looked for consent from the parents of the three young girls before connecting on Facebook with their daughters. He went on to converse with them, pretending to be a new 15 year-old boy in the area. In a short time, he had been able to meet each of the girls separately. The girls’ parents hoped that their daughters would not agree in meeting him, which was the opposite of the expected. When meeting with them at the agreed places, he invited their parents along to be present so that they could get to understand better the lesson being imparted.

Persin’s video had the aim of creating awareness to all the parents in the world that social media can be dangerous. With its current fame, parents ought to know what their children have with them daily. Pages like Instagram and Facebook are adequate places to share with friends, also they are places where evil minded people are. Accusations of young children going missing or being abducted due to social media are frequent.

Parents need to advice their children seriously on matters pertaining to social media, in a manner that will not frighten them, but create in them a notion of the dangers of using such site. After all, that could sound as a prevention measure.

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