Nervous Mom Is About To Undergo Surgery, Then Her Son Shows Up With A Surprise…

If you have once in your lifetime undergone surgery, you will attest that the process isn’t a walk in the park- it’s stressful not to forget terrifying. The surgery process will entail a lot of operations and procedures, and everyone will close their fingers for the best outcome, but if the worst happens, you will need someone close to you- your loved ones. Here is a story that will encourage you along.

The clip entails a 48-year-old Mother, Sarah, who will be proceeding with a surgery. Before the surgery, she seems disturbed that she will not talk or even see her son before the process kicks off. However, her son, Carl James, 21-year-old, who is a German popular YouTube personality, had flied 4000 miles across German as a surprise to his sick mother.

A moment before Sarah was to go for a Kidney transplant, and Carl comes in at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. With tears in her eyes, Sarah explains to her son what she had cried for in the morning on her bed- ooooh, what a motherly love!
Later, Carl posts the video on YouTube regarding his abrupt visit to his mother. What! The video went viral, and everyone in the waiting room, as well as Sarah, was surprised. This is a fantastic surprise you ought not to miss.

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