Never Park At This Disabled Parking Lot For The Holograms Will Confront You!

It is not fair at all when you as a driver get to park your car at the parking lot of the disabled people.

Currently, there is a non-profit organization in Russia which is doing their best to end this bad habit by defending the disabled. From a research that was carried out by Dislife, it showed that approximately 30 % of the Russian drivers occupy the parking lot of the disabled, without considering the signs at the parking. Dislife did another research at the biggest mall in Europe.

They did it by placing projections of a disabled guy that appeared only when a non-disabled driver pulled in their parking lot. Cameras of high caliber were installed to verify that actually a disabled sticker was at the windshield of the vehicle that had parked. If there was no such sticker, a hologram would appear to challenge the driver. It was so stunning to see holograms confront the drivers. Passersby even took photos with their smartphones, and even other people stopping to just hear what the holograms had to say.

Are you in accord for the introduction of the same system in the USA? Watch the video below to see the campaign and please SHARE this to all your friends on Facebook!

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