He Never Understood Why His Dogs Were Gaining Weight Until He Caught The Cockatoo Doing THIS.. Unbelievable!

Birds are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They have always surprised us with what they can do inside the house. Some birds will signal to you that someone is coming. Others have been used to look for honey especially in the African savannahs. Other birds can also signal to the hunters if there is a dangerous snake around. In short, birds can do things we never expected them to do.

In this video, we meet a certain type of bird- the Cockatoo. The owner had been keeping this bird as a pet in his house but with time, he realized that the dogs were gaining weight faster than he expected. The owner of the dogs was puzzled but he was not really interested to find out why the dogs were gaining weight faster.

The owner found out later that it was his bird- the Cockatoo. He was surprised and decided to investigate how this bird was feeding the dogs. To his amazement, he realized that the Cockatoo could open the box containing the dog biscuits and feed the dogs to their satisfaction.

I am pretty sure you are surprised to hear this, watch and see how the bird feeds the dogs.

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