Next Time You Rush To Another’s Parking Spot, Think About This. OMG!

Look at it this way: You’re at the parking lot looking for a spot to park your car. You get lucky to spot a car just about to move out, so you drive over there and you are patient as you wait for the spot to be completely secure. Just then, some idiot drives in fast and takes your spot. What do you do?

Well, let’s just say that some drivers won’t take it lying down. There’s this guy in this video who decided to take matters into his own hands and get back at the little car that took his spot. The man has a jeep, and we know jeeps are some strong machines that can pull or push stuff around.

So the guy is patiently waiting for a white car to move out so he can park, but then another red car comes in fast and occupies his spot. The jeep man is angry. What he does next has people taking sides. Some are applauding, some think it’s illegal. But the question is:  Was the red car in the right to take his spot?  You won’t believe what this guy did. And he got his spot back!

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