Not A Single Mother Will Love To Find Herself In This Condition. What This Mother Does? So Courageous!

Love is one of the strongest things in the world, and there is no greater illustration of this fact, than a mother’s love. It is that love that shapes a baby’s childhood and eventually how he or she will be as an adult. Love is even more crucial for babies who are born with rare conditions that require special attention.

Baby Eli Thompson was born with a condition known as congenital arrhinia. It’s a rare condition that makes its victims to be born without a nose; like baby Thompson. It has been reported that one out of 197 million babies born across the world are born with this condition.

Though little Thompson suffers from this condition, he is strong and healthy. His mother has even reached out to another mother whose child has the same condition. This is to make sure that she raises her beautiful baby normally without denying her the needed love.

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