Officer Shows His Other Side While With The Kids When “Whip/Nae Nae” Is Played. WOW!

When it comes to shaking your body to the”The Whip/Nae Nae” song, it doesn’t need you to qualify for it in terms of age, profession or anything; it is simply for everyone who likes it.
In the following clip, we can clearly see the effects of the song in the public; how it connects people of various qualifications together.

In the clip we observe a police officer dance to the famous song, whereby he is accompanied by the children from the locality. The amazing thing is that they never even realized that it was drizzling.

The little kids form a line and demonstrate a cool dance. You can see that they are more than amazed with the officer’s style. It seems that the song got to the officer’s bones as he continues dancing even after the kids are done with the dancing.

These is one way that an activity like dancing can be used to bring people together like the police officer and the kids. If we happen to see more of this getting together activities, we will surely learn to be better people who are social.

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