Oh My!!… You Won’t Believe How With 5 Seconds This Kid Managed To Be A Superhero!

Ever wondered what goes on inside kids’ brains, too much TV or too much curiosity, how good or bad is it?  I would want to be a superman for a day; everybody would love to actually. It might be an awesome thing just to fly around but is it really possible to try it out? This video will answer you better; it might seem hilarious but it could have led to a fatal injury to the kid.

At first, the kid seemed to be so curious on the escalator railings and the direction they were headed to. To make sure that he isn’t dreaming, he touches it to make sure that it’s really moving. While the kid’s dad was busy shopping for jeans on the other side, what happened next was shocking! The kid got hold of the railing which dragged him along going down another floor. Luckily a man rushes to the kid’s rescue and the kid’s father runs in panic behind the man when he realized what had just happened.

He seems to have enjoyed being like superman for few a seconds. It’s probably something we don’t often see, well, when you think of flying next time, ahmm..You might not want to try holding on to escalator railings. Keep it on TV!

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