Old Man Never Knew The Value Of His Navajo Blanket Was $500,000. Watch His Reaction!

You’re broke, and you really need some cash – any cash. And then one day you put your hand in a pocket and find a dollar note inside. What a feeling! You feel rich, right?

You realize that you could be in possession of something very valuable, of which you’ve no clue. This has happened so many times with people keeping antiques far more valuable than they thought. Well, it happened to Ted!

Ted had this old Navajo blanket that he used to drape over his couch – obviously with no clue about what he really had – but that’s until one day when the guys from Antiques Roadshow come along. He took the blanket to Donald Ellis for appraisal. He didn’t expect the news!

Turns out, this blanket is of the very rare type, a Navajo Chief’s Ute First Phase, and its real worth is about $500,000! Surprise!

You should see his face at the mention of the blanket’s worth. It’s just awesome. What of you? Do you have anything in your house that you might have devalued unintentionally? You never know. Check out the full clip here and SHARE!


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