Parents Bring Their Baby To Take A Photo With Santa, But Never Expected This… Watch!

Christmas is unquestionably one of the most social occasions of the year. It draws together the nearest and dearest that have not seen one another for an extended period. Parents of little children have a custom of taking their kids on vacation in Santa. But as you can notice in the clip below, this little boy is not very excited about meeting up Saint Nick physically.

Kelli and her husband Donnie Walters took their six months old kid, Zeke, to take a snap with Santa Claus in Evansville, Indiana. However, as attractive as Santa was, his personality did not entice Zeke at all.

The small kid slept in its place. Luckily, Santa pretended to cooperate and assisted his parent in making one of the most excellent photos ever. Following the explanation, after Donnie and Zeke came back some days later for another trip, the exact thing occurred once again.

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