Passengers Get Stunned When The Airline Fulfills Their Wishes. I Wish I Was In That Plane!

Maybe, these passengers had been looking for the cheapest traveling packages but they never thought this would be in the deal too!

One of the airlines that is fond of giving discounts is WestJet. It has the ability of performing some cool aerial tricks which are fantastic like this one in the video below.

Before boarding onto the plane, passengers destined for Calgary considered themselves lucky since they got the chance to chat with Santa. One of the kid asked for a “choo-choo train,” while his parents wished for a huge TV. Another child asked for a tablet, and one of the grownup asked for underwear and socks.

The grownups were overjoyed with the scene because it made their kids converse with Big Red, though he had been decorated with WestJet purple this year. What they never knew was that there was a surprise waiting for them at their destination.

Actually, the trick of WestJet’s Santa was not a lie as WestJet began working out all the wishes in Calgary, while the passengers were onboard.

Back at Calgary, the bona fide elves thoroughly searched in the stores for the things that the passengers had asked for. When they landed, the passengers were surprised to find out that it was real but not a trick.

Richard Bartrem, the vice president of WesJet, said that WestJet is pure fun, caring, friendly, and that the group surprised the passengers again.

If you are travelling, make your reservation with WestJet, maybe you will be lucky to get a surprise like the other passengers.

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