Pentatonix Took On Their New Hit And Made Everyone Drool. I’m Nodding!

If you haven’t yet listened to something that made you start nodding your head, it’s probably because you haven’t come across a performance by these people. They’re the Pentatonix, and they’ll make you reach the stars!

The Pentatonix is an acapella group that has been making people feel Goosebumps for quite a while now, and this new thing of theirs is no exception. Get ready to grow some bumps on you!

In the video here, captured during their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, these 5 humans appear to be in a really good mood to introduce the already awed crowd to their new hit, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” It’s a rendition that the group hoped would lift the people’s spirits in their Christmas celebrations, and guess what, it did!

Watch as the group “delves” deep into the lyrics of this great piece as the crowd gets carried away in the wave of the well-choreographed rhythm.  At one point, these 5 people decide to invent a beat and insert it right into the already heart-stealing choreography. You definitely don’t want to miss a part of this!

Check it all out and fall in love. If you think these guys did great, then go ahead and hit SHARE and let your Facebook friends get wowed too!

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