People Are Scrambling To Fork Out A Lot Of Money To Live In This 1880s Building. You Want To See!

The Providence Arcade was built in 1828, and was the oldest shopping mall in the US. Sadly, the mall went bankrupt and closed down, but now you won’t believe what’s happening to that building!

You see, there has been lots of craze going around about people scrambling for a chance to live in small apartments, and it happens that the guy who bought this old mall, Evan Granoff, knows this. So Evan bought the building in 2005 and decided to turn it into some cute apartments that are now driving people crazy!

The building has since been renamed “National Historic Landmark,” and it features many small apartments of about 225 square feet each. But however small they may look, it’s the cost of living in one of these rooms that’ll leave you gaping. $550 a month! And you won’t believe that there’s actually a very long list of people waiting to occupy them!

This is just awesome. Check out the video and witness the magic in these apartments. You’ll love the setting. Be sure to SHARE this on Facebook and wow your buddies. Drop a comment too!

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