People Still Can’t Believe What This Guy Captured Underwater! My Heart Almost Stopped!

As an instructor in surfing, Dave Lyons is one guy who loves his job. In fact, he spends a lot of his time out doing his thing in the waves. However, there’s this one thing he has always wanted to experience, and that’s dancing with killer whales!

Dave’s day was made on one occasion when he and his employees got a call about a group of orcas near them. They quickly surfed out into the sea, armed with a camera and their incredible surfing skills. What happened next has had over 13,000 people breathless!

Watch as he surfs right along with the huge sea creatures. This is what he’s always wished for, and his lucky day has finally come around. To prove that it was real, he made sure to capture the full moment on video. Did I say it’s overly heartwarming?!

Click on this clip and watch as the cool instructor from Kaikoura gets to enjoy the greatest moment of his life. You can’t help but notice the beauty of those creatures swimming below the water level. This is just too cool!

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