Police Officer Amazes Many As He Joins The Residents To Do This… So Heart-Warming!

Being a police officer doesn’t mean that you can’t go social with the locals. The Phoenix Police Department Lieutenant Tom Van Dorn, decided to dance with the residents at the block party.
Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela started the Fit Phoenix activity that has the objective of enhancing a healthier city. The song danced to was “Uptown Funk” which featured Bruno Mars and sang by Mark Ronson.
When asked, Lt. Van Dorn said that he trusted the controlling viewpoint and looking for ways to come together. This assists in the community confidence enhancement that in turn kills the crime feelings on people.
Lt. Van Dorn now is part of a large list of police officers who have also done the same before and got popular. Many of the viewers of this clip at Facebook have commented that it was such a perfect way to spend his free time.
One commentator wrote that it was wonderful to see that there are officers out there who relate well with the residents!
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The event was the Si Se Puede Block watch party in Maryvale on August 13, 2015. Toward the end of the event Lt. Tom Van Dorn was asked if he would join in and dance to help motivate the kids for #fitphx (a program created by Vice Mayor Valenzuela to promote a healthier City of Phoenix). Little did he know, by dance, they meant it was a Zumba class! Lt. Van Dorn says, “I firmly believe in the community based policing philosophy and finding ways to connect…helps foster and promote community confidence which is needed to help us in our crime suppression efforts.” So…he did the only thing he could do…he danced!*Special thanks to Lt. Tom Van Dorn for being a good sport and allowing us to post this to social media.

Posted by City of Phoenix Police Department on jeudi 20 août 2015

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