Police Officers Surprise A 94 Year Old WWII Veteran, Now Watch His Reaction… So Moving!

old parents and even stop visiting them for holidays. This makes them feel lonely and to counter attack it, they seek company from neighbors and well-wishers.

Henry Perry, a World War II veteran, of 94 years, was in the same situation. All his family lived in other states, and the only people that were taking care of him were his neighbors. There came a time when the neighbors stopped to see him for some days and when called, he never picked up the calls. This worried them a lot and they decided to call the police to check out what was the matter.

Two police officers by the name of Abel Torres and Natalie Nunez came to verify if he was alright. They found out that he was well and the reason why he never picked the phone was that he never heard it and he had sustained some injuries.

Emotion carried the two officers when the old veteran told them that he was delighted to have visitors in his house. They decided to stay a little longer and have a conversation with the old man. They went away and planned to come back and visit the veteran.

At around one clock, while on their way back to work, they met the seller of Christmas trees, who never hesitated to open the shop and sell a Christmas tree of them. But he just gave them a free tree and decorated it with come lights.

The next day they went shopping for presents and brought them to Perry. They extended their act of kindness and cleaned his house.

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