Poor Mom Decides To Give Away $5,000 Though She Needs It. This Surprised Me!

In all this chaos on our planet, some humans have completely lost it. Generosity and selflessness have taken a backseat in the heat of economic turmoil and the deterioration of human connections. But not everything is lost yet. We still have some very pure-hearted individuals. You must want to see this!

We’ve these two radio show hosts, Jackie O and Kyle, and then we’ve two struggling moms, Ashleigh and Kate. When Ashleigh’s dad died, she had to buy a costly plane ticket to New Zealand, and that burdened her family even more since her hubby had incurred some injuries at work and wasn’t working anymore. Life was getting really hard.

Kate works 2 jobs and has no money. Her electricity is getting turned off and the much she has is just $8. But when the radio hosts stopped her on the street and told her to choose between giving out $5,000 to Ashleigh and keeping it for herself, she decided to give it out even without having a clue about Ashleigh’s story. You won’t believe what happened next!

This is so inspiring. You need to watch this clip and love this lady – and what the hosts did to her. Please SHARE this, it’s great!


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