Poor Wants To Switch With The Rich, But There’s A Twist To It All. I’m Touched!

Bullying can be emotional, materialistic, physical…name it. The victims tend to think of it as a loss of self-worth or some kind of inadequacy. More often than not, the struggle to break free of the lowly position overlaps with the materialistic perception of the success longed for, as this video seeks to expose.

This video covers a unique story of two boys; one poor, one rich. Now, these two kids happen to meet at a park and sit at opposite extremes of a bench. We have the rich kid with good clothes and well groomed, and we have the poor kid with torn clothes and looking shabby.

The poor kid sees the rich kid as the icon of success, and he’s led to believe that his position cannot be as high if he doesn’t have what the rich kid has. So the poor would really appreciate living the life of the rich kid even for just a day, but he doesn’t realize that the rich is using that position to impose his own dominance.

The message in this clip is really powerful, and you’ll have to watch the full video to get it all. Please SHARE it with everyone you know!


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