Portland Zoo Animals Enjoy A Snowy Day In Style – It’s Pure Fun!

A snowy day warms and cheers my heart. There a lot of kind stories associated with a snowy day. Do you recall the nurse who brought organized a snow day indoors for sick children? The brave nurse filled several buckets with snow, bearing the blizzard, and brought the snow indoors since the sick children could not go out.

Well, animals seem to enjoy a snowy day too. Bao Bao the panda had a field day when he first encountered the snow in Washington DC. It is no wonder his video went viral.

In Portland, it is time for “snowpocalypse.” During such snowy days, visitors cannot visit the zoo. The zoo often closes to the public.

Despite the zoo closing, the animals need to be fed. The zoo workers dressed heavily and skied their way to the park. What they saw, and filmed, will melt your heart.

The animals were having a good time. The polar bear rolled in the layers of snow, and the elephant frisked in the snow.  Not even the snow could dampen the excitement of the animals. Watch the video below and see the joy in its purest expression.

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