Priest Shocks Couple And Guests When He Sings “Hallelujah” On The Wedding Day!

No one will ever like surprises on his/her wedding day after tirelessly planning for everything.

Leah and Chris O’Kane, an Irish couple, had planned so well for their wedding which was to take place in April 2014, and never expected any surprise on that big day. While at St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Oldcastle, Ireland, together with the invited guests, the least expected person gave them a memorable surprise.

It came a time when Father Ray Kelly needed to get closer to the couple and shower them with blessings in their new status as married couple. This is the time some backstage music began to fill the church. As the music was filling the air, the Father suddenly started to sing “Hallelujah” a song by Leonard Cohen. The amazing thing is that he did some little changes to the song so that it could fit the marriage ceremony.

Watch the video below to see the performance of Father Kelly’s version which is believed to have been sang more than 45 million times.

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