Racer Girl Tricks Her Driving Tutors With Unbelievable Drifting Skills, Check It Out!

I am sure that most people like to pull pranks on other individuals. We also enjoy watching how victims of the pranks are tricked. Pranks are good since they make us laugh and help us to relieve ourselves from the day’s stress. On the other hand, if someone pulls a prank on you, you might feel offended but in the end, all of you will laugh.

That is the same case in this funny video. These instructors were just having a good time when they decided to take a ride in this pimped car. This tricky girl told them that it was her brother’s car, and the tutors believed her. They just came to realize later that they had been fooled. They thought she was one of the students taking the driving lessons. They got into the car and waited for her to showcase her driving skills. I am sure that these instructors would attest that some skills are not learnt from class!

When she started driving, the instructors knew that their fateful day to die had arrived. They came to discover that this driver was none other than a professional racing champion Leona Chin who has emerged victorious in most races across the world.

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