Repairman sneaks into children’s bedroom leaving parents horrified by sick actions caught on camera

A California family called the police after they checked their nanny cam set up in their baby’s bedroom and discovered something horrifying. The parents were simply in shock that something like this could happen inside their home and all is done by a man they hired to fix their floors. The disturbing footage makes you just worried how safe you are when you let strangers into your home, no matter if they are your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or handyman. So it is always best to be extra cautious whenever you invite someone because you can never know what kind of person you are dealing with.

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The guy who was asked to fix the floors was obviously planning to do something else. As the security camera shows, he could be seen walking into the children’s bedroom and roaming around as he was looking for something particular. The parents were in disbelief, angry but most of all scared of the distressing footage. At one moment, the repairman could be seen grabbing the little girl’s underwear, touching it and then sniffing it. The sickening sight is enough to creep out everyone who has children. It’s absolutely terrifying to imagine something like this happen inside your house. Jason Cooper, the father, and his wife watched the footage again and now they were certain they hired a psychopath and a maniac.

Cooper said, “I was enraged when I saw this video.”

The repairman had, of course, no idea he was being filmed by a camera above the 3-year-old girl’s crib which was installed so the parents can watch over their children while sleeping, and no one could imagine that a disturbing sight will be caught on it.

This incident was enough for Cooper to not trust any stranger ever again in their life.

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The parents were relieved that their daughters weren’t in the room at that time, and they don’t even want to imagine what could’ve happened if the sick guy approached them.

Cooper called the police and showed them the footage. He was asking them to reach the person and make sure he doesn’t do the same thing, or even something worse, ever again.

Jason couldn’t help but contact the man himself, telling him what he did was caught on tape and that he couldn’t get away with it.

“I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. He knew what he had done, he knew I had video of it. I want to make sure he can’t do this to another family, and to another 5-year-old or another 3-year-old.”

YouTube/CBS News

We really hope the repairman will be questioned and even charged by the authorities in order to prevent anything like this happening in the future. Only because he looked like a decent man doesn’t mean he is one. Looks are likely to deceive us, and that is why we should be really cautious whenever we let someone in our house.

Below is the chilling video.

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