Rod Stewart Watches His Daughter Perform “Forever Young,” You’ll Love It!

Many musicians do not get the chance to live a long successful life without scandals. Most of them end up having a disgraceful lifestyle that most people would be apologetic about. That is probably because it is easier to forget who you are when you suddenly start receiving so much attention. That however cannot be said to be true for Rod Stewart. He has had a successful musical career that span over four decades. That is a magnificent career by any standards. He is also a good father to his children. Although his marriages have not been the best of marriages, he really does a better job as a father.

In the video below, we see him giving his daughter Ruby, a chance to perform before his audience. That is just something that not every father gets to do for his children. Such a big opportunity to showcase her talent will go a long way in boosting her musical career as well as her modeling career. You can see how proud he is just the way he does it. Watch her give an amazing performance.

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