Santa Surprises The Homeless With Gifts, Now Look At Their Faces, So Emotive!

Even though we enjoy the Christmas holidays by being with our families, we should never forget that the real meaning of this holiday is to give out whatever you have. One YouTuber took an initiative to show an act of kindness to the homeless.

To other countries like Poland, Christmas time comes during the winter season when the temperatures drop to negative zero. Surely, homeless people find it very difficult to cope with such harsh temperatures. This causes death to most of them worldwide.

The following clip that was taken some years ago, a man by the name of Adam “SA” Wardega dressed up like a Santa Claus. He made sure that he walked his locality and handed out some surprise gifts to the needy.

He was filmed as he went out during the night to give out warm clothes, hot food and blankets to the homeless people that were sleeping on the streets

And what was the reaction of the homeless upon being issued with these necessary gifts for the winter season? You need to check it out in the video below.

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