See How Gaby The Dalmatian Responds When She IS Requested To Smile.. This Caught Me By Surprise!

Most families treat their dogs as one of them; in fact, as their very own kids. At the same time, dogs try to do everything within their capacity to make their owners happy. We have seen cases in which they are ready to be with them at the hospital when sick or where they dearly miss their owners while they’re aware. All this defines love!

That being the case, it’s not strange to come across families that take photos of their pets. The family you are meeting in this video own a Dalmatian (Gabby). This is a dog that knows what a photo session means and has her way doing things!

The Dalmatian is posing with a young girl waiting for Dad to take the photo. When Dad tells the two to smile, Gaby reacts in a way that caught me by surprise. She gives in a grin that shows her teeth off. It’s too much for the family to hold their laughter back.

Dad is not carried away since he is proud of Gaby. He steps forward and appreciates her by doing some head rubs and hugging. Surely, this family is full of love and Gaby must be lucky to be surrounded by loving members.

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