See What Ellen Did To A Hero Teen Who Saved A Cop’s Life. I’m Moved!

Was it not for a teenager’s quick action back in 2014, Officer Mark Kimsey would be a dead man by now. Luckily for him, fate had put the then 17-year-old Joe Chambers right where he needed to be.

Mark was driving his police car when some careless driver ignored the red lights and came hurtling right at him. The two cars collided and much damage was done. The police car caught fire, and Officer Mark was still trapped inside. I’m freaking out!

But fate intervened. Joe was in the area when he heard the loud boom and rushed to check. Turns out, it was the sound of the car bursting into flames. He found the cop trapped in, unconscious. He tried hard to pull him out through the window, and then the car exploded just 30 seconds later. This teen saved the officer’s life!

Now watch this video and see what happened when Mark and Joe were invited for a chat with Ellen on her show. She had a surprise, and you won’t believe it.

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