See Where This Cat Decides To Sleep — Will You Have Guessed This?

History has it that cats have always admired dog beds. In most cases, when that happens, the best most of the dogs do is whimper. This has made it possible to learn the different personalities of dogs and cats. Though cats like having it their own way whenever they wish to, the devotion and sweetness of dogs cannot go unnoticed.

Here, Maeby the husky and Farina need to take a nap. No dog bed is around for Farina to use and she goes on to invent the least expected place to sleep… he wants to sleep on Maeby. I thought this video was about cat-dog friendships when it started but my guesses were not that far of. When Farina does that, Maeby does not resist in any way providing that cozy bed.

It’s so adorable to watch the way these critters relate. Always visit us to enjoy related stories if you liked this clip.

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