Sent To Inform The Kids That Their Parents Had Died, Trooper Does This First Before Breaking The Sad News!

Bad luck happens to everyone and the bad thing is that we don’t know when it will happen. Recently, during the Halloween season, Donald and Crystal Howard who happen to be the parents of four kids lost their lives when their car got into the ditch. According to the following NBC News video, the couple had gone in search for Halloween outfits for their kids when that tragic accident occurred. Confirmed dead, a trooper named Nathan Bradley of Georgia State trooper, was assigned the duty to inform the kids that their parents had passed away.

This horrific news was to be told to the kids at their home. When Bradley got to the kids’ home, it proved very hard for him to inform them the sad news. As per the NBC news, the reason why it was hard for Bradley and another officer to let them know about it was that they found the kids already dressed in the Halloween costumes waiting for their parents.

Finding himself in this situation, Bradley decided not to tell the kids of the death of their parents till their grandmother had arrived from Florida. To attain that, NBC News reports that he took the kids out for some food, then to the cinema to watch a movie.

This kind treatment that he showed to the kids had made him become the family’s best friend. Good news is that Stephanie Oliver, their grandmother is now taking care of them.

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