She Calls 911 And Tells Them She Has Two Guns In Her Hands, But It’s The Reason Behind It That’ll Shock You. I Can’t Breath!

The next time some intruder jumps a fence into a mom’s turf, they should remember this.
A mom in Oklahoma did something that has the attention of everyone. Sarah’s hubby had passed away just a week before New Year’s Eve, leaving her with her 3-month old baby.

On this eve, an armed intruder approached her home, but Sarah wasn’t the dumb kind.
When she saw him, she closed the door tightly and put a tube on her son’s mouth, then walked over to the phone and dialed 911. She told the dispatcher about the guy coming after her family and asked what to do. Should she put a bullet in him if he acts cocky? The dispatcher told her to do whatever she can to protect her young kid.

So the guy kicked the door and brought it down. He had a knife, but Sarah had a gun. On this day, Justin Shane Martin’s cockiness led to his death by the gun.

Sarah acted in self defense, so she wasn’t charged. See the video below for the incredible insights into the full story. Please SHARE!

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