She Didn’t Believe It When She Walked Into Her Own Funeral

Melanoma is a killer, and it needs to be stopped. Most people don’t know that this disease is responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Americans every year. What a number!

It’s saddening, really heart-breaking. For someone who grew up in a Massachusetts town with just about 20,000 people in population, the thought of 10,000 deaths runs a cold shiver down my spine. That’s much like saying half of my town is dead in one year!

Now, this video was made to help in the spread of awareness about this disease, and you can’t deny the open fact that it was done really well and exceptionally smooth. It all starts when a few people are offered a free tan, and then something happens that’ll knock the windows off your house. Is this real?!

The people in this video and its production must be creative. See how they present every aspect of their agenda. It’s just smooth, planned and perfect. You’ll be impressed by with. Watch video and SHARE it on Facebook so all your friends and family can bump into it too. You might want to drop a comment about this. Just do it!

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