She Does The Unthinkable For The Homeless. She Has A Heart Of Gold!

Back when Hailey Fort was 9 years of age, she thought it was nice to buy a sandwich for a homeless man. However, she was convinced that was not enough and decided to be of much help.

The man they had just helped used to work at one supermarket and had recently lost the job and was helpless. The little girl did not imagine how the man could spend a night in the freezing conditions and decided to do something.

That’s when she decided to construct a mobile sleeping shelter to help Edward out. With the help of her parents, she was able to build an 8×4-foot structure that had insulation, a front door and windows. The structure was made of wood.

Hailey believes that everyone deserves to have some shelter and it’s completely unacceptable that we have homeless people within us. She has been given a grant of $3,000 by Together Rising who noticed her efforts and she plans to use the money to come up with 11 more structures.

Miranda, Hailey’s mother believes that if her daughter had the chance, she could have filled their front lawn with mobile sleeping shelter. The video below contains other amazing projects that Hailey has been doing to help the less- privileged within the society.

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