She Dresses Up Differently And Steps On Stage To Imitate Herself. The Outcome? Lovely!

Lately, when you turn on the radio, chances that you will hear the song entitled “Hello” are very high. This is a song composed and sang by Adele, who is 27 years of age. The song has made her rock the music charts, making her become very famous. Many have commented that to fool someone, one has to be good in impersonating.

The following video has hit the social media with a bang. In it, we observe Adele forming part of a team of imitators at a tryout. But there is something odd in the clip. Adele decided to camouflage herself in a costume and took the role of Jenny, as planned by BBC. Here is where you ask yourself that if Adele was to be performing at the auditions, then how was she to imitate herself? Another question that pops up is that will the imitators realize that she is the one who has camouflaged herself as Jenny?

Because it was an audition, you can see how each one of them delivers her best in imitating Adele on stage, which proves how much they appreciate her as their best diva. All this time, they had no idea that it was Adele, until she steps onstage and starts to sing!

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