She Gave Birth To Twins That Left All Questioning, Be Part Of The Shock!

Ghabriael and Triniti are two twins that were born a few years back prematurely (11 weeks earlier) their birth shocked their parents, nurses and doctors. The difference between the two brothers’ birth time is just a minute, and were born in Akron, OH. Triniti is dark in complexion like his dad while Ghabriael is light skinned resembling his mom. The chances of giving birth to twins of different colors are very rare.

Their parents have ensured that they grow in an environment full of love, and that they are happy. Although Charles and Khristi (the twins’ parents) are not bothered with the complexion, strangers do have many questions when they look at the twins. Some have even come up with rumors saying that Charles is not the biological father, and the twins are being referred to as “mutts.”

As a couple, Charles and Khristi love each other and also their twin children. Their prayer is that the kids grow up without having to consider the skin color issue. Watch this lovely family in the video below and make sure you SHARE the story to all your friends on Facebook!

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