She Got A Rude Shock After Carrying Out Some Summer Tanning. Watch Out!

Shocks and extreme surprises are a rare thing, especially coming in forms of sweet surprises. Dragica and Tony came to know of that too!

During summer, Dragica got her skin tanned so well. Sometime after, she started having irregular periods and abdominal pains. She and her hubby blamed the tanning for the reaction. She even blamed her summer lifestyle for her weight gain. This couple had no clear clue of what’s was in store for them. Fate was smiling!

Come March of the following year and Dragica was still having those “reactions.” One day, Tony helped her into the bathroom, and she felt some pain in her abdomen. She felt a strong urge to push hard, so she took her hubby’s arm and held on it. She pushed, and something came out. What a relief!

But wait! She still felt attached to something, so she got up to have a look. What happened next is something that’ll leave you gasping for air. Surprise!

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