She Just Got Out Of Surgery, And Then They Do This To Her. Foul!

You’re a nice person, but you just got out of a bad situation that has left you a little loss of self-esteem in some way. You decide to do something for yourself, and then the service provider shuns you. What’s wrong with some people?!

It happened to Julia, and everyone is still shocked about it. Julia has psoriatic arthritis. The condition leaves her with a dry, itchy skin. Sometimes it hurts her self-esteem. Julia had had surgery before she decided to go get herself some nice haircut. What happened next at the hairstylist’s will make you frown!

She refused to serve her! The stylist shunned Julia for her looks and turned her away. When asked why they did that to her, they gave a really lame reason. But Julia had clearly let them know that her condition isn’t contagious, but they refused her service anyway. Sad!

Julia was so hurt by this mistreatment. She went to her car and cried. She felt like an outcast. But being a strong 31-year-old woman that she is, she decided to share her story on Facebook. The support group quickly banded up to support her. Nice!

Please SHARE this story if you feel that service providers should provide good services to everyone without discrimination. Stand with Julia!

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